Cemeteries Grass Seed


Cemeteries use turf to cover those that have passed on. There is reverence of a nice lawn which brings comfort to the living. After interviewing several Sextons and grounds keepers, Agronotec Seed has formulated a very special mix of grasses for the Cemetery environment. Dark green,

Dura Turf

Dura Turf® by Agrono-Tec is the cool season grass that holds up to the greatest amount of wear!  We combined the best tall fescues, bluegrass and rye grasses to create beauty and function. We named the product Dura Turf®, a name to symbolize the ability to endure!

Easy Lawn

Life is rough. With Easy Lawn® by Agrono-Tec there is no reason your lawn has to be too. With everything going on in your life you don’t want to be married to a lawn that works you to death. We’ve designed Easy Lawn® for people who want a dark green lawn, great insect and disease resistance, great salt tolerance, good shade tolerance, good wear ability, good drought tolerance, and very easy to take care of.


Eden® by Agrono-Tec is a truly remarkable new seed mix that is actually repairs itself!  Each part of this seed mix was carefully developed to be good looking, easy to maintain, heat tolerant, drought tolerant, durable, and self mending.  So when it comes to selecting a beautiful and strong lawn with its own built-in repair kit, the only choice is Eden®.

Intermountain 60/40

Intermountain 60/40 is a mixture of elite Kentucky bluegrass varieties and elite perennial ryegrass varieties. It will consist of a minimum of 3 Kentucky bluegrass and 2 perennial ryegrass. This product is more widely suited for overseeding ball fields in the northern climates. It is also used where effects from wear and salt are prevalent.  It can be used on tees, fairways, and rough areas.

Intermountain 80/20

This is a mix of 80% bluegrass and 20% perennial ryegrass. It consists of a minimum of 3 elite varieties of bluegrass and 2 elite varieties of perennial ryegrass. This is ideally suited for low traffic areas such as cemeteries, home lawns, commercial projects that will see minimal traffic and light industrial. It is suited for soils that are well drained and have low levels of salt.


LessWater® by Agrono-Tec, where reduced water consumption collides with beauty.  LessWater® is a blend of dwarf tall fescue which has a root system that grows deep for acquiring water. Many shallow rooted grasses need frequent watering but LessWater® needs infrequent deep water to accommodate its vast root system.


Rave® Dwarf Kentucky Bluegrass seed blend is an improvement on the most popular grass.  Most of the other turf varieties compare themselves to bluegrass. It is truly the standard in turf comparison. But, there are some environmental problems associated with bluegrass, water usage issues, growth issues, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a kentucky bluegrass seed which negated some of these issues? Now there is, Rave® dwarf bluegrass blend.

Ballfield Mix 1A

Heavy traffic is no match for Ballfield Mix 1A® by Agrono-Tec.  With pseudo-stoloniferous perennial ryegrass, improved common bermuda and turf-type tall fescue, Mix Number 1-A is a fine textured, dark green and prolific tillering grass seed mix. That’s why it can repair itself during the winter months. It’s great for fields that are in constant use all year round.

Ballfield Mix 2A

Ball field Mix 2A® by Agrono-Tec was created for those that have a need for a shorter cutting height which provides for a faster turf. This is often found in infields and outfields for baseball, football, and soccer fields. These are higher maintenance fields. This product produces a high level of density which makes for a faster rolling ball. It will not have any winter reparability.

Ballfield Mix 3A

Ballfield Mix 3A® by Agrono-Tec is our most popular ball field seed mix. This product is a combination of perennial ryegrass, Bermuda Grass, and Kentucky Bluegrass. If you reside in the southern part of the USA you are probably in what is called the transition zone. That is the zone where it is cool enough for warm season grasses to go dormant in the winter time. Dormant turf isn’t growing turf. Dormant turf isn’t self-repairing turf. So, we have injected cool season grasses to provide the growth that the turf needs in order to support winter sports activities.

Ballfield Mix 4A

Ball field Mix 4A® by Agrono-Tec is ideal for cooler climates or higher elevations.  This a unique mixture of wear tolerant perennial ryegrass and bluegrass that creates a fast field.  In southern environments, coastal climates or lower elevations this product will be green year round.