Agrono-Tec’s new line of mixes have set the industry standard again. Each of the California Natural Grassland Mixes are a natural blend of California grasses. They’re developed from the California landscape for the California landscape. And that means they can handle anything the California environment has to offer.

These mixes are quick. They germinate in 10 days. And they establish themselves in 30-60 days. So, it doesn’t take long for them to get to work.

california native grass seedAfter you put so much into your work, you don’t want it to fall apart. That’s why it’s so important to have materials you can rely on. And that’s the reason why Agrono-Tec offers products of such high quality.  You won’t merely use them. You’ll depend on them.

They’ re deep rooted. So they stabilize slopes and protect against erosion very efficiently. This will keep the landscape and your work looking naturally beautiful.

Since a lot of Southern California is a desert, the mixes are drought tolerant. And that means they’re at home even in non-irrigated areas.  Now although these grasses were developed mainly for slopes, they’re also effective in flatlands. Because the sun, wind and lack of rain doesn’t bother them at all.

So there are no limits to what you can do with them.  So if you put a lot into your work and you want it to look that way, use someone who knows the territory. Agrono-Tec’s  new line of California Natural Grassland Mixes were born and raised to work in the California landscape.

California Native Grass Seed Mixes:

native california grasses mix 1

Mix #1

This California native grass seed mix will grow to heights of 12″ – 15″. It uses aggressive grasses such as Zorro Annual Fescue. It is effective as a re-vegetation plant. It is an excellent full shade grass cover. It has a softer texture than the other mixes and it is petite in appearance. Its seeding rate is 35 pounds per acre.


california-native-grass mix 2

Mix #2

The height of this mix will grow up to 15″ to 24″. It includes grasses like Blando Brome and Meadow Barley. It has a bunch type growth patter and is course in texture. It is a medium shade, grass cover and it is self-reseeding. It is also tolerant to a wide range of temperatures. So it is ideal for dust control areas. It’s seeding rate is 30 pounds per acre.

california native grasses

Mix #3

This mix is the tallest. It will grow to heights of 24″ to 36″. Grasses like Panoche Red Brome and Purple Needlegrass are used in this mix. It also has a bunch type growth pattern. It is a medium shade, grass cover. This mix can be used in areas where it is tough to grow anything, such as in range improvement. It is effective when a large area has to be covered. Its seeding rate is 30 pounds per acre.

All of these mixes thrive in Elevations of up to 6200 feet. It they are used in elevations of 3500 feet and below, they will stay green all year round under constant irrigation. They will grow, regardless of the exposure or the topography.

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