Wildflower Seed Mixes (A-C)


Name  Color  Height  Annual/ Calif Water Spread  Description 
Perenn   Native   Req.  
Abronia Villosa pk  6″   yes   light  3′  Desert flower & ground cover, fragrant, trailing, showy, good for dunes,* 
Hairy Sand Verbena 
Acacia Baileyena,  yel  20′  no  lt-med  15′  Coastal/inland/desert shrub /tree, striking color with blue-grey foliage, fast & reliable 
Silver Wattle 
Acacia Constricta yel  10′  no   light    10′  Inland/desert shrub, spiny stems, fragrant flowers, bright 
Desert Acacia 
Acacia Cyclopis yel  10′  no  lt-med  15′  Coastal/inland shrub, used for screens, excellent for windy areas 
Coastal Wattle 
Acacia Greggii    yel  6′-8′  yes   light  12′  Inland/desert shrub, seeds well for fast growth, showy flowers 
Catclaw Acacia  
Acacia Iongifolia  yel  15′  no  lt-med  15′  Coastal/inland/desert shrub that seeds well for fast growth, showy flowers 
Sydney Golden Wattle 
Acacia Redolens yel  2′-3′  no  any     10′  Coastal/inland desert shrub, used for saline, alkaline, wet or dry soils, deep roots & grows fast * 
Prostrate Wattle 
Acacia Saligna      yel  18′  no  any     10′  Coastal/inland/desert shrub or tree, attractive plant used in all soils, deep roots very fast growth 
Willow Acacia 
Achillea Millefolium wt  2′  P    no  any  2′  All terrain flower, good in most soils, fast ground cover & underground runners for erosion control 
White Yarrow  
Achillea Tomentosa yel  6″-12″    no  lt-med  8″-16″  All terrain flower & ground cover, sun or part shade, wooly, fern-like foliage for spreading mat * 
Wolly Yarrow 
Adenostoma Fasciculatum wt  2′-10′   yes   light    4′  Coastal/inland common chaparral shrub makes thickets, used for native area revegetation 
Chamise, Greasewood 
Alyssum(Lobularia Maritimum)  wt  8″-12″  no  any  1′-2′  All terrain flower & ground cover, seeds well, reliable for fast growth & color, lowest water need of alyssums * 
Sweet Alyssum 
Alyssum wt  6″-8″  no  any    1′-2′  All terrain flower & ground cover, makes mass of uniform flowers, blooms all year, reliable for fast growth & color * 
“Carpet of Snow”  
Alyssum pk  6″-8″  no  any    1′-2′  All terrain flower & ground cover, same as “Carpet of Snow,” mixed or alone, blooms all year * 
“Rosie O’ Day” 
Alyssum pur  6″-8″  no  any    1′-2′  All terrain flower & ground cover, same as “Carpet of Snow,” mixed or alone, blooms all year * 
“Royal Carpet” 
Alyssum vio  6″-8″  no  any    1′-2′  All terrain flower & ground cover, same as “Carpet of Snow,” mixed or alone, blooms all year * 
“Violet Queen”   
Alyssum Saxatile Compactum yel  1′  no  med  1′-2′  All terrain flower & ground cover, makes good mat, good for winter cover 
Basket of Gold 
Ambrosia Dumosa  gry  1′-2′    P     yes     light  2′-3′  Inland/desert shrub, rounded plant with small grey leaves, best below 3,500′ elevation 
Bur Sage  
Anagallis Arvensis brn  10″      no  med     12″    All terrain flower & ground cover, used in landscape plantings, bright flowers over dense plant 
Var. Coerulea
Arctostaphylos wt-bl  1′-15′   yes   light  1′-15′  All terrain shrub, tree or ground cover, regional species per locality 
Species Manzanita 
Artemisia Californica gy-grn  2′-5′     yes   light  1′-15′  Coastal/inland shrub & ground cover, aromatic grey-green plant, trusty seed best used for revegetation & below 2500′ elevation                       
Cal. Sagebrush 
Artemisia Pycnocephala  yel  1′-2′     yes   light  3′-4′       Coastal/inland ground cover, u ed in many soils, handles salt spray, attractive for bluffs * 
Artemisia Tridentata –  3′-10′   yes   light  5′-15′  Inland/desert/mountain shrub, reliable, revegetation plant, used in harsh soils climates 
Big Basin Sagebrush 
Aster Tanacetifolius pk  18″     A/P          no   light  24″    All terrain flower & ground cover, used in landscape plantings, showy daisy-like wildflowers 
Prairie Aster 
Atriplex Breweri  yel   3′-10′   P       yes    light    12′    Coastal/inland shrub, used as windbreak, excellent for wildlife & windbreak * 
Brewer Saltbush 
Atriplex Canescens  yel   2′-5′    P      yes     light   4′-6′   All terrain shrub, trusty in harsh conditions, popular, used below 7000′ elev.* 
Four-Wing Saltbush
Atriplex Confertifolia –   1′-2′   P      yes    light    2′     Inland/desert/mountain shrub & ground cover, handles high boron levels, spiny, compact plant for difficult inland soils * 
Atriplex Glauca gry    1′      P          no  light   6′-8′   Coastal/inland/desert ground cover, gray erosion control plant with deep roots for harsh soils * 
Gray Saltbush 
Atriplex lentiformis yel   3′-10′  P      yes     light    12′    Coastal/inland/desert shrub like “A. Breweri,” for in-land, seeds well, sometimes spiny * 
Atriplex Polycarpa gry    2′-6′   P      yes     light    3′     Inland/desert/mountain shrub, used in alkaline soils, below 5000′ elev, good sprouts, deciduous gray foliage * 
Cattle Spinach 
Atriplex Semibaccata –      1′     P           no   light   2′-5′   Coastal/inland/desert ground cover, used in many soils, establishes easy, fast, deep prostrate roots for stability * 
Creeping Saltbush 
Baccharis Glutinosa wt    3′-9′   P       yes     any    4′-6′   Coastal/inland/desert shrub for moist soil, stream banks & riparian area re-vegetation 
Seep Willow 
Baccharis Pilularis wt    4′-10′  P      yes     any    3′-5′   Coastal/inland/desert shrub shiny green foliage, fast growth, fluffy seed heads, used for erosion control 
Var. Consanguinea    
Chaparral Broom    
Bacchatis Sarothroides wt  2′-6′   P      yes   light   3′-5′   Coastal/inland/desert shrub fast growth, nearly leaf-less branch, used in dry, rocky areas 
Broom Bacchatis 
Baileya Multiradiata yel   1′-2′   P      yes    light   1′-2′   Inland/desert flower & ground cover, used on sandy or rocky slopes & flats, attractive * 
Desert Marigold     
Calendula Officinalis y-or   1′    A            no  med     1′     All terrain flower, used & blooms best in fall & warm winter areas for fast color 
Cassia Artemisioides  yes   3′-5′   P           no  light   4′-6′   Coastal/inland/desert shrub handles drought, wind, heat, gray-green foliage & showy flowers 
Feathery Cassia  
Cassia Covesii      yel   1′-2′   P      yes     light    2′     Inland/desert shrub & ground cover, handles hot & dry soils & climates, tomentose plant, attractive flowers 
Desert Senna  
Acsuarina Equisetifolia –   50′    P           no  any     30′    Coastal/inland/desert tree used as windbreak, handles alkaline & saline soils, salt spray & adverse conditions 
Horsetail Tree 
Ceanothus Cuneatus  wt   3′-8′   P      yes    light    6′     Coastal/inland/mountain shrub, used in moist areas and dry slopes, throughout California 
Ceanothus Impressus  blu   1′-8′   P      yes    light    12′    Coastal/inland shrub & ground cover, small, attractive flowers, used is full sun, part shade & sandy soils 
Santa Barbara Ceanothus  
Ceanothus Integerrimus wt  3′-12′  P      yes    light    8′     Coastal/inland/mountain shrub, used for interior mountainsides, dense flowers, deciduous plant 
Deer Brush 
Ceanothus Megacarpus  wt   3′-12′  P      yes    light    8′     Coastal/inland shrub, handles dry, rocky slopes, large nut-like seed pods for coastal chaparral 
Big Pod Ceanothus  
Ceanothus Prostratus blu   6″-12″  P      yes    light    8′     Coastal/inland shrub & ground cover, forms dense mat from roots at nodes, attractive plant * 
Ceanothus Ramulosus bl-wt   2′-4′  P      yes     light    4′     Coastal/inland shrub, coastal mountain dry, rocky soil preferred                                                
Coast Ceanothus   
Ceanothus Tomentosus  brn   2′-8′   P      yes     light    6′     Coastal/inland shrub, small flower groups over dark dark green leaves over white and brown, used on dry slopes below 3500′ elev. 
Woollyleaf Ceanothus  
Centaurea Cyanus    blu   2′-3′   A           no  light    2′     All terrain flower, seeds easily, used for meadow mix handles drought, full sun or part shade 
Cornflower, Bachelor Button  
Centaurea Cyanus Dwarf mix   1′-2′   A           no  light    1′     All terrain flower, same as C. Cyanus, with compact habit 
Dwarf Cornflower 
Cerastium Tomentosum  wt   6″-8″   P          no  lt-med   24″    All terrain flower & ground cover, spreads dense silver mat, snoy white mass of flowers, needs good  drainage * 
Snow in Summer  
Cercidium Species   yel   10′-25  P     yes    light   10′-25′  Inland/desert tree, fast growth with some irrigation strong to 12 F, summer deciduous with no irrigation 
Palo Verde  
Cercis Occidentalis  pk    8′-20′  P      yes  light   10′-20′  Coastal/inland/mountain shrub or tree, flowers over pretty heart shaped leaves, deciduous 
Western Redbud       
Cercocarpus Betuloides red   5′-12′   P       yes     light    8′     Coastal/inland/desert shrub browse for cattle & sheep, great for dry rocky slopes 
Mountain Mahogany 
Cheiranthus Allionii org   12″-18″  A           no  light    18″    All terrain flower & ground cover, good in wildflower mixes, striking flower custers, blooms winter & spring 
Chrysanthemum Carinatum mix   18″-30″  A           no  light   18″     All terrain flower, best for aggressive quick show or mass color 
Painted Daisy 
Chrysanthemum  Leucanthemum  wt    1′-3′    P          no  med     1′-2′   All terrain flower & ground cover, used mixed, full sun or  part shade, flowers held above foliage * 
Ox Eye Daisy 
Chrysanthemum Leucanthemum     wt     1′-3′    P          no  med    1′-2′   All terrain flower & ground cover, like “Ox Eye Daisy” but flowers are larger-up to 4″ wide * 
Shasta Daisy                                   
Chrysanthemum Multicaule  yel     1′     A/P        no  lt-med   2′     Coastal/inland flower & ground cover, spreading mat, bright yellow gold daisy like flowers over green foliage mat * 
Yellow Clump Daisy 
Chrysanthemum wt   1′     A/P        no  lt-med   1′     Coastal/inland flower & ground cover, spreading mat, dainty, 1′-11/2″ daisy like flowers over dark green, deep toothed leaves * 
Chrysothamnus Naueosus yel   1′-5′    P     yes     light   1′-5′   All terrain shrub, showy color in fall, used for dry area revegetaton 
Cichorium Intybus    blu    3′-5′    P           no  light    2′     All terrain flower, diverse pale flowers adds to mixes 
Cistus Corsicus     pur    3′       P           no  light   3′-6′   Coastal/inland/desert shrub & ground cover, mauve to purple flowers, like “C. Villosus * 
Rock Rose 
Cistus Ladanifer Laudanum Spotted Rock Rose                            wt     3′-6′    P           no  light   3′-6′   Coastal/inland/desert shrub, handles wide range of soils bright flowers over fragrant shiny green foliage 
Cistus Salviifolius  wt     1′-2′    P           no  light   3′-6′   Coastal/inland/desert shrub & ground cover, great erosion control, adds natural effect * 
Sage-Leaf Rock Rose 
Cistus Villosus       pk     3′      P           no  light   3′-6′   Coastal/inland/desert shrub & ground cover, adapts widely, showy flowers & great for landscape and erosion control * 
Rock Rose 
Clarkia Amoena (Godetia)   r- pk    18″     A      yes     light    12″    All terrain flower, seeds easy, attractive, showy flowers, mixes well 
Collinsia Heterophylla  pk-wt   2′    A      yes     light    12′    All terrain flower, wet or dry soils,  partial to full shade, attractive 
Chinese Houses 
Coreopsis Gigantea  yel    1′-6′    P      yes     light   2′-3′   Coastal flower, large ray flowers over feathery foliage over robust, fleshy &  woody trunk 
Tree Coreopsis  
Coreopsis Grandiflora org-yl   2′-3′    P           no  med      2′    All terrain flower, fast growth, robust & showy 
Coreopsis Lanceolata yel    2′-3′    P           no  any    1′-2′   All terrain flower, reseeds & handles many soils, full sun or part shade, competes with grasses 
Lance Leaf Coreopsis 
Coreopsis Lanceolata Dwarf yel     18″     P           no  any     18″    All terrain flower, like “C. Lanceolata except for short stature 
Dwarf Lace Leaf Coreopsis 
Coreopsis Maritima   yel    1′-2′    P      yes     light   1′-2′   Coastal flower & ground cover, large ray flowers over fern-like foliage, stout perennial 
Sea Dahlia      
Coreopsis Tinctoria  yl-r    3′    A           no  light    2′     All terrain flower, good in mixes thru U.S., full sun or part shade, many showy flowers 
Plains Coreopsis 
Coreopsis Tinctoria Dwarf yl-r   18″     A           no  light    18″    All terrain flower, deep red available, like “C. Tinctoria” except short stature 
Dwarf Plains Coreopsis  
Cosmos Bipinnatus     pk- p  3′-4′   A          no  lt-med   18″    All terrain flower, handles many soils & seeds easy, Cosmos Sulphureus with yellow flowers available