CATO bentgrass putting greens

CATO Bentgrass Putting Greens OVERVIEW:

Cato’s bentgrass putting greens root system sets it far apart from the rest, going deep after moisture. That means less syringing, susceptibility to disease and fungicide use. For golfers, it means the greens are true. Good putters make more shots because the green is much easier to read, the ball rolls more consistently, and sticks with a pitch or wedge.


Cato creeping bentgrass putting greens is a cool season grass specifically selected for golf putting greens, fairway surfaces, tees and other areas where a high quality, closely mowed turf is desirable.


Cato’s area of adaptation and utility includes most geographic regions where bentgrasses have been previously used, in addition to having strong adaptation to the transition regions and southern United States where bentgrasses have been marginally used in the past.

Cato is a six-clone synthetic variety with a broad genetic base featuring uniformity of plant type with less tendency for segregation. Its persistent root system during summer stress periods provides improved tolerance to heat and drought stress.

Cato’s erect growth habit, fine texture and improved dark green color make it ideal for putting greens and fairway surfaces.


Cato has good resistance to Dollar Spot, is moderately resistant to Pythium Blight, and shows excellent rate of recovery from Brown Patch.

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Cato (bentgrass putting greens) is a product of Pickseed Incorporated

Offered by Agronto-Tec Seed Company