C/C Blend is a versatile and genetically diverse creeping bentgrass blend of 50% Cato and 50% Crenshaw. Since 1991, C/C Blend has been widely used on golf courses around the world, where acceptance and performance have been excellent.

There are virtually no unsatisfied customers who have used this unbeatable blend.


Independently, Cato and Crenshaw set new standards for heat and drought tolerance. The two elite varieties have allowed creeping bentgrass to be grown further south than ever before, and have also helped solve summer stress problems in more northern areas.
Together, in C/C Blend, Cato and Crenshaw complement each other perfectly. Cato forms a fine-leafed, dense, upright turf that is a vigorous grower but not overly aggressive in lateral growth. Crenshaw is very aggressive and less upright that Cato. Overall, Cato has better disease resistance than Crenshaw.


Winter hardy and well adapted to northern areas as well as the south, C/C Blend can be successfully used wherever creeping bentgrass is found. C/C Blend can be used on golf greens, tees and fairways – to establish new turf or to overseed and upgrade established turf.


Suggested seeding rates for new seedlings are 1 – 2 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. on tees and greens, and 60 lbs. per acre for fairways. For overseeding existing turf, use about half of ¾ of the new seeding rate.

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c/c/ blend is a product of Pickseed

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