bent grass putting greens


Creeping Bent Grass Putting Greens

Oregon’s most experienced growers produce Penncross to standards higher than general certified standards.

The Standards are:

Pure Seed 97% minimum
Other Crop 1.00% maximum
Weed Seed 0.10% maximum
Inert Matter 2.00% maximum
Germination 80% minimum

Penncross Creeping Bent Grass is free of Poa annua, Poa trivialis, and all other noxious and objectionable weed seeds.

Penncross Creeping Bent Grass is very forgiving, has a wide range of adaptability and Aggressive lateral growth.

Penncross has set the bent grass standard since 1955. It has a medium green coloration and has rapid establishment. It is known for its aggressive, lateral growth habit, and wide range of adaptability. Penncross has excellent resistance to dollar spot as well as other diseases. The high seed count allows for a lower seeding rate.

If maintained properly, Penncross bent grass putting greens will provide an excellent playing surface for Golf Greens, Tees, and Fairways.

Very forgiving
1999–2002 mean turf grass quality ratings for entries in the National Bentgrass Trial for bent grass cultivars grown on a fairway or tee and maintained at 5/8 inch mowing height.

Planting Creeping Bentgrasses means less fertilizer, less water, less babying than the old bents that superintendents are accustomed to. The end result is a very high quality playing surface that thrives on low mowing and culminates in near-perfect conditions, with no extraordinary practices.


Turfgrass Quality 1-9 • 9 = Ideal turf

Glory ————————————————–5.8
Penncross ——————————————–5.7
Tiger II ———————————————-5.7
L-93 ————————————————-5.7
Grand Prix ——————————————-5.7
Penn G-6 ——————————————5.6
PennLinks II ————————————–5.6
Trueline ——————————————-5.6
Princeville —————————————–5.6
SR 7150 ——————————————-5.6
Brighton ——————————————-5.6
Penneagle —————————————-5.5
Century ——————————————5.5
Backspin —————————————–5.5
Imperial —————————————–5.5
SR 1119 —————————————–5.5
Tiger —————————————–5.4
SR 7100————————————– 5.4
Seaside II ———————————5.3
Providence ——————————–5.3
Golfstar ——————————-5.0
Seaside ————————-4.8

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Penncross Creeping Bentgrass is a product of Tee 2 Green

Offered by Agronto-Tec Seed Company