Agrono-Mulch is manufactured using only quality hand sorted newspaper, eliminating any possible synthetic plastic or other foreign materials that could inhibit germination or growth.

Applied over the soil, Agrono-Mulch forms a protective covering for the germination of seeds under adverse conditions. In the final stage, fibers decompose adding soil benefits. Agrono-Mulch is perfect for:

  • roadways
  • steep slopes
  • difficult to reach areas
  • strip mine reclamation
  • soil erosion
  • tree nurseries
  • parks
  • golf and ski turf
  • home lawns
  • hotels
  • housing tracts

Agrono-Mulch is primarily used in hydraulic application of grass, stolons, or other seeds with or without the addition of fertilizers, tackifiers, or other additives.

In application equipment, Agrono-Mulch is fast to load from easy to handle bags. The material mixes rapidly with water fo form a homogeneous slurry of water, seed and fertilizer. Agrono-Mulch remains in suspension during agitation and pumping, thus providing flowability for the applicator.

Agrono-Mulch contains a non-toxic green color to assist in visual metering of the application.

Agrono-Mulch Application Rates:




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