BE 1000

BE1000® by Agrono-Tec

by Agrono-Tec

There is a need for a “Value” product. Some of you are really under the squeeze and pressure cooker. Budgets are being annihilated. But there is still the pressure to provide a safe and playable environment.

We been thinking about your situation and we have come up with a “temporary” solution. Agronotec has  blended intermediate rye and perennial rye together and come up with a GREAT Budget Blend.

BE 1000®  has the following characteristics:

  • Fast establishment
  • Fast growth habit
  • Fast establishment
  • Non-aggressive
  • Medium green color
  • Low cost
  • Medium texture
  • Less than 1” mowing height

BE 1000 would be good for elementary playgrounds, utility areas, rough areas, fairways, and temporary cover areas.

We are offering BE 1000 at .75/lb fob Ogden, Ut.

Don’t let turf become degraded.. put BE 1000 out there and keep the weeds out.
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