Tees are never big enough and divots never repair themselves fast enough. It is a constant problem for players and managers alike to find a good spot to tee it up. Driving ranges are a ongoing challenge as well. We have a great solution in our seed product called TeeMaker®.  Based on local conditions, we have a specially formulated mix to combat the damage done by golf clubs.

A mix of wear-tolerant ryegrass and very aggres­sive bluegrass, which will spread into the dam­aged areas quicker than bunch grasses and less vigorous bluegrasses. The ingredients for this product have been chosen based upon aggression and color versus other characteristics. It is designed to creep… a lot.

Seeding Rate: 8-12lbs. per lOOOsq. ft.


Blade Color -Dark Green

Blade Texture -Fine


Traffic Tolerance:   Excellent

Drought Tolerance:   Moderate

Heat Tolerance:  Good

Sun Tolerance:   Excellent

Cold Tolerance:   Excellent

Shade Tolerance:   Good

Disease Tolerance:   Excellent

Planting and Care Tips:

Best Planting Period:   Year round in mild climates. Other areas – early spring or fall

Germination:   7-14 days

Best Planting Depth:   1/8″-1/4″

Water: 1″-3″ per week as needed

Fertilize: Spring or Fall

Mowing Height: 1/2″ – 1 1/2″


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