Ballfields.. they define a community.
Ball-Fields® Grass Mix by Agrono-Tec Define Ballfields.

They are at the front line of setting an image for a community. It is where people recreate, relax and create memories. But, for you they represent a liability. They need to protect against injury and be low maintenance.

Wear tolerance is paramount in our mixes. Other issues such as low water usage, high salt tolerance, low fertility requirements and fast repairability are high on the list of must haves. Our Ballfield mixes are famous for delivering the essentials in turf attributes. We offer 5 Ballfield mixes based upon growing conditions, maintenance budgets, and climate.

We have the product you need for baseball, football, soccer fields or a park. Traffic problems are no match for Ball-Field® Grass Seed Mix by Agronotec

Ballfield Mix® has been used in city parks, retention Basins used for sports and schools. Its increasing popularity has allowed it to live up to its name. And now, with five mix options to choose from, you can’t go wrong!

                                Ballfield Mixes:

                         BallField1A by
                         Ball2A by    

      BallField3A by                     
                          BallField4A by
                          all-Filed5A by

Sod available in select markets


Each mix works well in all types of soils and climates. Plus, they’ll germinate in 5 to 10 days to produce drought tolerant turf that will save you time and money. We also have the answer to other problems. Ballfield Grass Seed® requires less maintenance.
It’s also tough enough to withstand cold as well as hot environments. It will remain green all year round in Southern climates.

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