Ball-Field 5A® by Agrono-Tec is

A combination of perennial ryegrass, turf type tall fescue, and Kentucky bluegrass. Compared to our Ball-field 4A® product this product will be more drought tolerant and the mowing height will have to be raised to a min height of 1.5”. This product is ideal for the playground areas of parks, elementary schools, and areas where “competitive” sports are not critical. This product will require fewer inputs and thus a lower maintenance cost than the Ball-field 4A®. The nutritional requirements are lower than straight bluegrass turf.
Attributes of Ball-field 5A® are:
  • Excellent salt tolerance
  • Fast establishment
  • Good drought tolerance and drought
  • avoidance
  • Excellent cold tolerance
  • Deep rooting
  • High insect resistance
  • Dark, dark green color
  • Moderate growth habit
  • High disease and insect resistance
  • Shorter dormancy period than straight bluegrass
  • Good competition against weeds
  • Seeding rate: 8-10#/1000 sq ft

    If you desire to make this a self fertilizing turf then add microclover by using the connotation of M for example Ballfield 5AM®.

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