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It’s easy to change your existing lawn into an incredible new lawn!

Just follow these 5 simple steps to rejuvenate your existing lawn and turn it into an incredible new lawn fast!  

  1. Spray existing lawn with Round Up® (a registered trademark of Monsanto Corporation), discontinue watering lawn and wait one week until lawn is dead .
  2.  After lawn is dead, scalp lawn with lawn mower. Mow in stages, lowering height adjustment until it is as low as the mower will go.
  3. Seed with your new lawn seed. Spread seed evenly over entire lawn area.
  4. Cover seed with an organic compost.
  5. Water same as with new lawn. In a few weeks you’ll have a beautiful new lawn. 

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How to Replant Your Lawn — 1 Comment

  1. Wrong information… the only reason to till is to modify your soil and or to level it. If you are happy with both I would not rototill. When you rototill you make long roots into shorter roots and if they are not dead they will make into new plants. These are called sprigs/stolons. They are and can be utilized to plant a lawn. Then there are the dormant weed seeds to consider. Your soil is full of dormant weed seeds that are just looking for the right opportunity to germinate. This is usually being close to the soil level where there is more warmth and sunlight. So, my recommendation is to kill and then remove as much of the top growth as you can without disturbing the soil. Place seed on top of this and then add an organic cover viz peat moss or non steer manure. Keep moist and watch the wonders of nature.