The typical lawn faces many problems.

At Agrono-Tec, we look for solutions to help you with your lawn. In the product list below, you will find a variety of options for home lawns, including heat, drought and damage tolerant turfs.
If you are interested in a new and innovative grass that offers minimal growth rates, significantly decreased water usage, and high quality color, be sure to look at TurtleTurf®.


Dura-Turf by
Eden  by Everest by
Less Water by Master Lawn by Rave by
Ruga Turf by TurtleTurf by Shady Grass by

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  1. Good morning Vicki.. The recommended ratio of flower to slope saver is 1-2%. Now remember that if you add flowers to the grass you will have to hand pull any non wanted plants/weeds. We recommend that you grow the slope saver first.. control weeds via chemicals and then follow up with flowers. This might take an extra season. But, it is your choice. The flower seeds sell for $30/lb. The slope saver is 3.50/lb + sh. A mix of flowers and slope saver is 4.00/lb. The min order is 10# which will do 1000 sq ft. I can be contacted here or on the phone 801 891 1628. Thanks Doug

  2. I would love to send you down some slope saver seed. Hold off on the preen. I don’t know if it is labeled for fine fescue grass. It will work well in that area and temp. We have a lot of it in that area out to simi valley. Let me know how much you need and I can get you a price. doug washburn